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Turn to us here at Zachs Power Washing for reliable residential and commercial pressure washing services. We can quickly transform driveways, walkways, patios, and other exterior surfaces.
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Our Best Services

No Pressure Roof Cleaning

Add Years to Your Roofs Life
Experience peace of mind

It’s the Pacific Northwest and the climate can be brutal on your roof. Moss, algae, lichen and other organic growth can shorten a roofs life considerably and can be unsightly.

We use a technique called soft washing, where we treat the whole roof with a solution that kills all the moss, algae and other growth. The moss dies and immediately turns white and in 3-6 months the wind and rain washes the dead moss away, leaving your roof looking good as new. A soft bristle brush is used to remove all the larger chunks of moss.

We don’t use pressure or water flow on the roof, which would take years off your roofs life and possibly cause leaks. I have a 2 year guarantee that no moss will grow back before then. Safe, reliable service guaranteed!

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House and Building Soft Washing

We use a technique called soft washing to clean the exterior of your house or building. Instead of using high pressure that can damage many surfaces (siding, windows, paint and more), 
we use low pressure, high volume and a blend of detergents designed specifically to clean the dirt and organic.

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Concrete Cleaning

Moss, black algae, dirt, etc on your driveway and walkways can look unsightly and can also be very slippery and dangerous. Depending on what the contaminants are, we will vary our pressure and soaps to ensure we clean your concrete without damaging it.

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Gutter Cleaning

  • Prevent Leaks
  • Prevent Water Damage and Dry Rot
  • Protect Landscaping

I guarantee courteous and knowledgeable service and will have your spouts running clear.

We blow off the roof (if walkable), clean out the gutters and blow off the walkways and areas that debris may have come down on.

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We power wash driveways, walkways and house siding. When we power wash houses we safely remove mildew & algae. We use a soft washing technique that protects the siding. Soft washing is where you clean a surface(wall, roof, railings,etc) with high volume, low pressure and use a blend of detergents to do the cleaning instead of higher pressure.


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